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The Athame: Sacred Tool for Weight Loss Spells

AthameWe all know that a proper diet and regular exercise will eventually lead us to our ideal weight goal. However, temptation lies around every corner and maintaining a diet program can become quite the job!

So why not try a weight loss spell? After all, have we not, at one time or another, wished for a magic solution that would rid us of those undesirable pounds? Here you will find a weight loss spell that will inspire you to think positively and help you to reach your goal!

Waist-Not Weight Loss Spell
In order to execute this magic spell, you will need the following items:

  • An athame or any other sharp object that has been blessed (see the definition of athame below)
  • A black candle

The Procedure

1. On the night following the full moon, this weight loss spell requires that you take the athame and carefully mark the black candle with 13 equally-spaced rings, dividing it into 14 equal parts.

2. Mark each section of the candle with the number 5.

3. Burn the black candle to the first mark, and while meditating, chant the following:

"As this candle burns, so my fat burns.
As this candle decreases, so my weight decreases.
I have complete control over my weight.
My body is truly perfect in every way.
I now weigh a perfect (you choose your desired amount) pounds.
Every day I am slimmer and healthier.
I am as perfect as the Goddess within me.
Thank you, Goddess, for your help.
This is my will, so mote it be."

4. Repeat this exercise every night until the appearance of the new moon, at which time you will let the candle burn out.

For those of you who are fairly new to spells, an athame is a double-edged knife. The blade of the knife is not used for cutting, but its sharp point is perfect to engrave rings on the black candle used in this weight loss spell. Normally but not always, an athame’s handle is black. It is typically used in particular rituals whose primary purpose is to direct energy.

The reason for the use of a black candle in this spell is twofold: the first being that it matches the colour of the handle of the athame and creates harmony, the second being that the colour black is often associated with evil, and for most of us who are struggling with weight loss, those extra pounds are the enemy.

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