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The 7-Day Diary Weight Loss Spell

Most often, magic is invoked by solely calling on the ethereal world. However, some rituals, such as the following weight loss spell, tap into the dimensions or planes of our natural world as well to ultimately create an especially potent “super spell”. The procedure requires absolute concentration plus equal parts dedication, belief and visualization. 

The intention is to influence the desired weight loss results through spiritual force and mind power. While calling upon the spirits that be, you will summon the basic laws of attraction, so that they can work together in harmony to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

The 7-Day Diary Weight Loss SpellWhat you will need:

  • 1 white pillar candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A personal diary or journal
  • A blue- or red-ink pen
  • A small piece of polished, natural quartz

What you will do:

The weight loss spell is to be performed for seven consecutive days, beginning on a Thursday at whichever hour suits you best.

On day one, sit at a desk or table in a quiet corner of the house. Light the white candle and place it at the top-right corner if you write with your right hand, or at the top-left if you are a lefty. Now open your diary/journal to the first blank page and jot down in big letters a realistic initial weight loss goal for the day, just the number followed by the “lbs” abbreviation.

Put both hands on the inscription and sit back calmly with your eyes closed. Picture the healthier, more slender person you will become upon reaching day one’s goal. Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind; focus all your energies on the positive. This more “attracting” positive perspective, coupled with the spirit world, serves well in aligning your physical body with the end result you have formed in your mind.

After a minute or two, open your eyes and remove your hands to reveal your writing. Then speak this aloud as you gaze into the candle’s fire:

“Forces from here, and those from beyond
Decrease me as a new day is dawned
My page is turned, my foresight is strong
So mote it be before too long!”

Tear the page out of the diary and toss it into the trash. Use the quartz rock to bookmark the next blank page, and then snuff out the candle.

The following day, repeat the entire process. Estimate another sensible weight loss amount, log it into your diary, visualize it and ask out loud for it by repeating the verse. Thereafter, tear out that day’s written page and bookmark your spot. After the seventh day’s ritual has been completed, dispose of what is left of the diary but hang on to the quartz rock to promote a winning objective as the spell works its magic.

Will Power

Relying on a weight loss spell alone is not usually sufficient to achieve a success story – you must “will” it into reality.  With such an intense conditioning of the mind, you will most likely find yourself not only eating less but also becoming more active without even realizing you’re doing it!


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