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Weight Loss Spell: Shedding the Pounds

This particular weight loss spell is designed to trim and reshape one’s figure by redirecting negative mass energies outside the body. The vehicle used to transfer the excess fat is a simple store-bought egg. When executed properly, the enchantment effectively casts off anywhere between 10 and 50 unwanted pounds, on average. Sometimes the transformation is even greater, but the end result essentially boils down to 2 things: the individual’s body type and their commitment to change. Strong will power, positive spiritual guidance, and a determination to succeed are key ingredients to all methods of losing weight, but this simple weight loss spell can render the task easier. Here is a chance to boost your inner self by reducing your outer shell.

The necessary items:

  1. 1 carton of a dozen large white eggs
  2. 1 dried ginseng root (sliced fine)
  3. ¼ cup of ground cinnamon

Weight loss spellWhat to do:
The weight loss spell is best begun on the morning following a full moon phase. At breakfast, prepare a single egg from the carton in the manner you prefer (fried, scrambled, poached or hard-boiled). Consume it in its purest form (do not add salt, pepper, or any other seasoning.) After swallowing each bite, say the following chant in your mind:

“Absorb the me that used to be”.

Repeat the process every day for the next 10 days for a total of 11 days. On the evening of the last morning ritual, fill the bathtub with warm water, stirring in the two remaining ingredients of the weight loss spell (ginseng root and ground cinnamon). Place the 12th uneaten egg from the carton near the bath. Undress and immerse yourself into the “soup” concoction for approximately 20 minutes  in order to cleanse the body, reinvigorate vitality levels and stimulate your metabolic system.  Concentrate on positive thoughts.

After your soak and before getting dressed, carefully take the still-shelled egg and rub it gently against your skin in a circular motion, focusing primarily on the “excess” regions, those you would like to shrink. Imagine and visualize the egg becoming increasingly heavier as the fat tissue is being transferred to its interior.

Now get dressed and, when the sun has set, walk to a paved area, transporting the egg carefully (ideally somewhere quiet and private such as a deserted road or parking lot). Turn towards the direction you came from and, holding the egg, say these words aloud:

“I dispose of thee,
For water, for bread,
Decrease me, release me,
From layers unshed”.

Now toss the egg over your shoulder and start walking home without ever looking back.

Hatching the “New You”
Always bear in mind that a weight loss spell does not automatically give you a free pass to a slim body and good health. The energy vibrations the spell causes in your system may not be enough to keep the weight off, especially if you should fall off the wagon at any time, resuming those old habits of giving in to every chocolate cake and ice cream temptation. Realistically, maintaining a well-balanced diet and conforming to a daily exercise regime is crucial to not only reaching, but also holding your ideal weight.


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