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Weight Loss Spell: Rebuilding One Block at a Time

Losing weight does not happen overnight - not by wishing on a star or rubbing Aladdin’s lamp. Along with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and some restraint at the snack bar, a weight loss spell can help you reach your goal. However, to get from point “A” to point “B” it will take a certain amount of determination and a bit of patience.  By climbing into the driver’s seat, you could find yourself on a speedy road to slimming down. The weight loss spell may be carried out at any time of day, but it is generally more effectual when initiated during a waning moon phase.

Weight Loss SpellGather together the following items:

  1. One deck of playing cards
  2. Thirteen small, wooden, toddler’s toy blocks (cubes)
  3. One light colored fabric bag with a drawstring (large enough to hold the 13 blocks)
  4. One bottle of lavender oil (at least 15 ml. in volume)
  5. One standard black marker

Follow this procedure:
On a flat, stable surface, build a pyramid with the wooden toy blocks: 5 cubes side-by-side on the bottom, 4 on the second row (centered), 3 on the third, and the last one on the top in the middle. The wooden blocks symbolize your negative body mass.

Open the deck of cards and select the 13 cards representing any one suit of your preference, be it hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs. Stack the singular-suited “hand” in reverse numeric order and place it face down next to the triangular formation of wooden blocks (the ace being “one” and sitting on top, and the king being 13, placed at the bottom).

With the marker, write your full name (e.g. “Jane Mary Doe”) on the outside of the weight loss spell bag and hang it somewhere close by, like on a door handle, for easy access.

Draw the first card from your chosen suit and using a drop of lavender oil on your finger, anoint the card’s face. Take the first block from the top of the pyramid and repeat the anointment process on the cube. With the block in your left fist and the playing card in your right hand, focus your eyes and thoughts on the center of the card and utter the following chant:

“Here on day of one:
Oh spirits that walk, I lie in wait
Do free me from this heavy state.”

Now tear up the card, put the pieces with the block inside the spell bag, and close it by the drawstrings. Repeat this procedure the next day, drawing the “2” card and selecting another block from the top of the pyramid. When speaking the chant, substitute “day of one” for “day of two”.Continue the ritual throughout the entire 13-day period, altering the chant accordingly.

At the end of the 13th day, when all the items have been moved to the spell bag, tie a knot to permanently seal up the treasures within. Store the bag in a safe place, out of sight and out of mind; let the spell do the rest! Eat healthy, exercise daily, and stay on the positive track to a happier, healthier you, one block at a time.


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