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Gem Meditation


Weight Loss SpellMaterials Needed

  • 1 stick of your favorite incense (preferably an energizing scent like musk or citrus)
  • 3 white candles
  • 1 gem or crystal
  • A piece of paper and a pencil
  • A small pouch or bag

Dim the lights and turn off all appliances around you (television, radio, telephone) and kneel before your altar. Light the incense and the three candles. Sit quietly and meditate on your weight loss goals. As you meditate, hold the gem in your power hand (the hand you write with) and imagine yourself at your ideal goal weight. As you perform this visualization, tense and release your body’s muscles, one group at a time. For example, as you visualize your trim thighs, squeeze your thigh muscles, hold five seconds, then release. Do this for your entire body. With this exercise, you are infusing the gem with your determination, inner power and energy.

When you are done, take the pencil and paper and write down what you saw in your mind. Do not generalize by writing words such as “smaller thighs” but use substantial, accurate descriptions such as “toned” or “shapely.” Now take the paper with your descriptions and wrap it around the gem like a gift and drop it into your small pouch. Put the pouch in an obvious place where you will see it often - it has the power to encourage you to stick to your goals. Perhaps you can hang it in a spot near your rollerblades, running shoes, or bicycle. If you tend to binge eat or have bad eating habits, tuck it into the refrigerator so you will see it when you reach for that unhealthy midnight snack. Its presence will trigger and enforce your visualization of “shapely thighs” and “six-pack abs”, encouraging you to keep to your goals and achieve your ideal body image.

Weight loss spells cannot magically melt the pounds off your frame, but they can help you ascend to a positive frame of mind that will help you ponder your goals and develop a feasible way to reach them.

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