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Scientific Studies Show...

I can tell you everything there is to know about pheromones and you might not believe me. But if a doctor says something about it, you're all ears. Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say, read on to learn about some scientific studies involving human pheromones.

Claus Wedekind of Switzerland conducted a study of 44 males and 49 females. The men were given t-shirts and told to wear that same t-shirt to bed on two consecutive nights. They were also given scentless soap and other toiletries and told to use only them. At the end of the experiment, the t-shirts were put into a box and rated, on the basis of smell, by women. Some boxes were filled with clean t-shirts to act as a control.

The results? The women preferred the boxes that contained the worn t-shirts saying the smells reminded them of old boyfriends.

ABC News carried out an informal test of synthetic pheromones in singles bars. They used two sets of identical twins, one set of male twins and one of females. One member of each pair was given an unscented pheromone spray and the other half of the pair was given plain witch hazel with no pheromones. The subjects were placed in different parts of a bar in New York City and told not to make the first move. The men received about equal attention from the opposite sex but the sister who was wearing the pheromones was approached by 30 men as compared to sister, who wore no pheromones, with only 11 hits.

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