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The Gentleman's Sex Spell for Curing a Dry Spell

You may have a healthy track record of intimate relations with women, but lately, despite your attempts and advances, you are finding yourself in the middle of a dry spell, or "sexual slump". The goal of the following sex spell is to help men successfully (and safely) "score" when attending a socially-interactive outing.

Gentleman's Sex Spell for Curing a Dry SpellSometimes experience and persistence are merely not enough. Perhaps lady luck is what you need to get back in the ring. Execute this sex spell in the evening during a waxing moon, as this lunar phase promotes attraction, love, luck, positive life changes and personal growth

The Required Material:
  • a purple candle (the symbol for a successful outcome)
  • a musk incense stick (the fragrance of passion)
  • a condom in its original wrapper (red, pink, black and blue are effective "power colors")
  • a lighter
  • a red pen
  • a blank sheet of paper

The Procedure:

In your bedroom, place the candle and incense stick on a flat surface that is free of clutter, and light both items. Using the pen and paper, write down (in short form) your intentions for the sex spell; that is, what you hope to accomplish by casting your wishes to the spirits that be. Fold your piece of paper over 4 times, and grip it tightly in one hand, palm up. Place the condom flat on the palm of your other hand. Now hold both hands out before you, close to the heat of the candle.

Focus your eyes on the center of the flame, open your sense of smell to the vapours wafting from the incense, and slowly speak the following passage aloud:

"My offering here, to Spirits I trust
Will fuel the fires of desire and lust
Come tonight, tomorrow, but soon
Wake by morning, night or noon
Fulfillment is imminent
And so shall it be"

Extinguish the candle flame but you can let the incense burn a little while longer. Put the condom in your pocket, keeping the folded paper of intentions next to it at all times. Paired together, they are your catalyst to breaking the sexual dry spell. It is important to practice safe sex, so be sure to use the condom when the opportunity arises!

Additional Tactics
If you want to further enhance your chances for love, be it for a one-night fling or a full-fledged relationship, you must also be proactive in reaching your goal. Here are a few tips:

  • Date outside your comfort zone instead of settling on your "usual type"; that is, address someone you might normally dismiss as inaccessible.
  • Explore new haunts rather than frequenting the crowd of "regulars" at the "usual bar"; seek a fresh pond of fish for a change.
  • Change your approach as opposed to using the same old tired lines; apply some new social strategies and do not hesitate to get a bit creative.
  • Renew your overall look; perhaps you could adopt a different, stylish haircut, and update your wardrobe. How about hitting the gym or jogging in the park to shed those extra pounds?
There are many ways to reinvent yourself, but it requires a little effort. Good luck gentlemen!

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