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The Dream Lover Sex Spell

What you are looking for in a sexual partner is likely what everyone else is looking for: the perfect match. Now finding that match can be quite the challenge. If you have been feeling unfulfilled or unsatisfied lately, having settled on a ho-hum sex life, the “dream lover” sex spell described below could be the pick-me-up you need to get your motor running passionately again. For optimal results, cast the “dream lover” sex spell in the evening during a full moon phase.

The dream lover sex spellWhat You Need to Know

The secret to a good match is to be able to identify exactly what you want and need, and then to persevere in your search. What emotional and mental attributes should your lover possess? What distinct physical traits will make your heart skip a beat?  What turns you on in bed? Only you can answer these questions, and you must. 

With this particular sex spell, you will be able to summon your dream lover by first creating his or her image in your mind, in accordance with your specifications, and then calling on Eros (winged god of love, sexual desire and erotic thoughts) to guide you in the right direction.

What You Need to Have

  • 7 orange candles (for luring the powers of attraction)
  • 1 red candle (for drawing energies of passion and sexuality)
  • A lighter or matches
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • A red pencil
  • A chunk of soft modeling clay (any size)
  • A strong desire to meet your match in the bedroom!

The Spell Procedure

On a flat surface, set the 7 orange candles in a circle around the red candle. Light all 8 wicks, beginning with the red one. Place the 2 pieces of paper side-by-side in front of the candle arrangement. On the left, write down the physical traits you wish your partner to have (e.g. tall, muscular, dark hair, blue eyes, etc.). On the right, describe the type of personality you want your lover to possess (e.g. warm, gentle, playful, submissive, assertive, etc.).

Next, put the heap of modeling clay on top of the 2 sheets, in the middle. Use the palm of your hand to flatten the clay without disturbing the paper. Using the tip of the pencil, etch a pair of wings into the smooth clay canvas (your artistic skill level here is of no importance - the spirit world will understand). While the clay stands for creation, the etched symbol represents the wings of Eros which are meant to influence the sex spell.

When finished, place your hands on either side of the molded clay, touching the paper beneath as well. Fix your eyes on the light emanating from the red candle’s flame. Take a deep breath and then exhale. After a moment, speak the following chant aloud as you continue to gaze into the glowing fire:

“I bow before the god, Eros, winged sultan of sensuality,
With an earnest plea for help in connecting with my mate to be,
Give (him/her) breath of life, and equal waves of chemistry,

Bring us together at the soonest,
Two souls, two bodies in harmony,
I beseech you, Eros, to let it be”

Now wait for it …

In just a short time (perhaps a week or two), you should encounter your dream lover while you are out and about. You might be shopping, socializing, or simply taking a walk, but you will get a sense of attraction, the perfect sexual chemistry will be present when you meet, prompting you both to further explore the connection more intimately.

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