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Sex Spell for Gaining Sexual Orientation Acceptance

Sex Spell for Gaining Sexual Orientation AcceptanceThis affirmation-based sex spell is designed to help gay persons, as well as those who are close to them, to accept and respect their individuality unconditionally.

Same sex attraction is a reality of life for many. Such relationships are meant to be joyful and fulfilling; however, it does not always begin in this manner. In most cases, following the discovery of such feelings is a profound need for not only self acceptance, but also familial and social acceptance.

If you find yourself searching for guidance from a higher power, try casting the following persuasive sex spell in the early hours of sunrise, on any day of the week.

Step 1: The Mirror of Admission

First, you must reveal to the spirits your true self. Find the largest mirror in your home and, before it, place 4 candles in a neat row from left to right: a white one for channeling spirituality, a blue one for truth and understanding, a brown one for self-esteem and an orange one for strength. Light the wicks and then stare at your reflection in the mirror.

Become fully aware of your body’s presence in the room and own it. Train your mind on the passions and desires you hold deep within your heart. Own them too. As you continue looking at your mirror image, say with great confidence and firm resolution:

“I am me, I am mine
As I am, for all of time,

Love, power, respect and truth
No matter whom I decide to choose”

Step 2: A Call for Credence

This next step requires you to gather a few photos. The collection can include pictures of yourself, family members and even random shots of non-descript people in a crowd - basically, a variety of images depicting persons you feel have a problem with your sexual preference. Tape or glue them to a single sheet of cardboard.

Rest the photo “collage” (facing outwards) someplace between the mirror and the array of lit candles. In the soft glow, look at each picture momentarily. Smile and visualize a light of acceptance growing from within each print.  Now close your eyes and speak these words aloud:

“I ask the gods above, my burden to relieve,
Closed minds and closed hearts, open them up to believe,

May I be accepted on equal terms with others,
As I accept their quirk, their habits and their manners.

Let there be clarity in perception

Among all who come to my attention
So mote it be!”

Blow out the candles - the sex spell has been cast.

Step 3: Maintenance of Focus and a Positive Attitude

In order to give the sex spell ongoing energy power, you should repeat the ritual anytime you feel the need to assert yourself, but no more than once a day.  When all is said and done, focus your attention on keeping your head up and staying positive. This alone will feed the spell’s effects on both you and those around you.

Choose to live and love as you wish!

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