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Protection for a Loved One

Protection spells do not have to be performed solely for yourself; a little magick can be used to protect someone you care about. If you are considering using a spell to protect another person, you should first ask that person’s permission to do so. Although not everyone deems this step to be necessary, many believe that a person should be informed when a spell is being cast on their behalf. Thereafter, that person’s wish should be respected.

Mirror Protection SpellProtection spells should always be done on a Saturday so that they can capture Saturn's influence of banishing, protection and clearing. Though it may be slightly inconvenient to do your spellwork in the middle of the night, midnight is the ideal hour.

There are many different types of protection spells. Witch bottles filled with broken glass and vinegar can be buried outside of a home to protect it, but for a more individual level of protection, a mirror spell is a better choice. A mirror can reflect negative energies and bad intentions away from a person.

The Mirror Spell for Protection
For this mirror ritual, you must have; 2 mirrors that are mounted on stands, and positioned to face each other. You will also need a black candle and banishing incense such as bay or rosemary, or frankincense which is usually easy to find.

Gather up your supplies and begin to burn the incense. Carve 2 X's into the candle (one on each side). Place the candle on your altar, or on whatever you have chosen to cast your protection spell. Now stand the mirrors on either side of the candle, facing the X's. At this point, the mirrors should be creating an infinite number of reflected candles. Now light the candle. Bring your focus onto the mirrors and stare at the endless reflections as you repeat the following chant:

Those who would harm you
Be trapped right now
Between these two mirrors
This is my vow.

Concentrate on the situation that is causing stress and creating a threat. Let the candle burn down completely. Afterward, leave the mirrors facing each other for as long as you feel there is a potential threat against your loved one.

The Final Word
A protection spell should not be relied upon when real physical danger is at hand. If an actual threat to safety is felt, the police should be notified immediately and proper steps taken for security.

For additional protection, the person for whom you are casting a spell should carry a piece of onyx or jet on them at all times as black stones have strong protective energy, thereby helping your spell manifest itself.


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