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Money Protection Spell

These instructions need to be diligently followed in order to ensure that this money protection spell’s effectiveness is at its most powerful, and to achieve the most satisfying results. The spell must be performed exactly 1 minute after midnight on any one of these specific dates:
April 30, July 31, October 31, or January 31.

Money Protection SpellMaterials Needed:

• 1 gold candle
• 6 green candles
• 9 white candles
• pine oil
• salt

Anoint each candle with the pine oil, and arrange them in the following manner:

The gold candle is placed in the center, the green candles form a circle around the gold candle, and the white candles form a circle around the green candles.

At 1 minute after midnight on your chosen day, pour a circle of salt around the outside of the ring of white candles. Light the gold candle in the middle, then the green ones, and then the white ones. Walk around the formed circles 3 times and on each turn, repeat the following words:

“Orbiting Jupiter trine the sun, bring money on the run.”

The next step is to sit in front of the circles and meditate for 3 minutes, with deep focus on exactly what you want to achieve with this money protection spell, be it to inherit money, to earn money, or to save money; whatever your intention, your wishes should be clear. To end the spell, snuff out each candle in the reverse order in which they were lit. Good Luck!


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