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Luck Spells – It’s in the Bath

There are many reasons for performing a luck spell, and whether the desire is to invite luck into your life or to simply increase it, the process is the same. A positive mindset is key. The energy that you put out in the world comes back to you; therefore, if you begin to think positive, and view yourself as a lucky person, you will soon start to notice a change in your luck – good things will occur. Nevertheless, you may want to enforce your wish by performing a luck spell.

Create an Offering
Whether you work with a specific deity, element, or energy, your luck spell must include offerings. At the onset, present an offering, and at the first sign of luck, give another offering. Repeat the action every time you seem to stumble across some lucky break, indicating your appreciation and gratitude which will help ensure that the good luck keeps coming your way.

Positive Energy
Surround yourself with positive-drawing energies. Specific herbs and potions known to bring good luck are ideal. One of the most powerful luck spells is to take a bath in water that has been infused with particular herbs. Here are a few different good luck baths to start improving your luck and getting your life moving in a more positive direction.

  • Clover - Luck SpellSpring Luck Bath – This luck spell is most efficient when performed in early spring, as soon as flowers start to bloom. Pick as many of your favorite spring time flowers as you can. The more fragrant they are, the better for your spell. Pour yourself a warm bath and place the flowers in the water, allowing them to steep for a few minutes before adding in a bit of pineapple juice which brings joy and good fortune.
  • Clover Bath – Red clover is not only recognized for its healing properties, but also known for bringing good luck. Steep a large amount of red clover in hot water to create a tea. Let the liquid cool and then add it to the bath water. Its fragrance and positive properties will permeate the space and invite good luck.
  • Spearmint Bath – Much like red clover, spearmint leaves bring good luck; however, more specifically to your financial life. When you make the large pot of spearmint tea, inhale the smell of the herb as it steeps, staying in contact with the aroma throughout the entire process, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Good luck begins the moment you touch the plant.

In order to empower your luck spell and stay close to your good luck energy, you can put together a small herbal pouch to wear around your neck or on your body. Place red clover and spearmint leaves in the middle of a circle of green or gold cloth. Add a small charm of your choice, such as a horseshoe, a four leaf clover, or any other personal item that you deem to be lucky. Tie the circle of fabric with a piece of ribbon or string and voilà – you have created your own exclusive good luck pouch.

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