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How to Get Lucky

It is possible to change your luck. Perhaps you have experienced a string of unfortunate events lately? Or maybe you keep losing out on opportunities? It could be that you have always viewed yourself as an unlucky person. No matter what your reason is for looking into luck spells, there is a way to improve your circumstances.

Good Luck Spell - Rabbit's FootLuck spells are one of the most common spells performed. They can help increase luck in areas of love, money, health, and virtually any other part of your life. Whatever you wish for; a luck spell can assist you in attaining your goal.

Envision It
Getting lucky can be a simple process – it does not require a lot of money or effort on your part. What it does require however, from the onset, is a change in mindset. You must think positive thoughts and view yourself as a lucky person. It is a personal experience, that is, the process that helps your luck improve may not be the same as that of your neighbor’s. However, as your luck increases, you may notice the life of your loved ones improving. Good luck can spread like the ripples of a stone dropped into a pond.

Good Luck Charms
Luck spells come in many forms. The simplest way to improve your luck is to add good luck charms in your home, place one in your car, and wear one on your person. Charms can be something as obvious as a horseshoe or a four leaf clover, and it can also be a personal item that you believe to be lucky.

A good luck charm should be placed at the entrance of your home so that anyone coming into your house will be blessed with good fortune. This symbol can also serve as a beacon, summoning positive energies towards your living space. If you place a particular charm in your car or wallet, good luck follows you where ever you go, influencing the life of other people that you encounter in your path.

Lucky Animals
Many of nature’s creatures are believed to be symbols of good luck - bats, cats, salamanders, fish, unicorns, and other animals. However, you should not use or sacrifice a live animal when performing any good luck spell; the use of an image is more merciful and will suffice. A candle in the shape of your preferred good luck animal is most efficient when spell working.

Creating a Luck Spell
With the oil of a beneficial herb such as rosemary, dandelion, clover, or spearmint, anoint a candle (preferably one in the shape of your lucky animal). It is also advantageous to place a charm inside the candle or next to it. Light the candle every evening for seven nights in a row, seven being a lucky number. On the last evening, let the candle burn all the way to the end, and then bury its remnants. Thereafter, place the charm that has been permeated with the candle’s scent in a meaningful place in your home, or carry it on your person.

Anyone can change their luck. A positive attitude and a little focus on good luck spells can make a big difference in your life.

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