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Power of Clover

They say with a little luck, anything can happen. But what if you are not a lucky person, not even a little bit, then what? Have you ever considered trying a good luck spell to change things in your favour? You have the power to create your own luck; good or bad. With the help of a good luck spell, positive thinking, and visualization techniques you can change your luck!

Described below is a good luck spell that could potentially turn things around for you.

Luck Spells


    Materials needed:

  • 1 green candle
  • wooden matches
  • dried clover
  • lavender oil
  • 2 flat, wooden boards

1. Place the dried clover between the two wooden boards. Sprinkle the top board with 4 to 6 drops of lavender oil. Rub the oil into the top board, using only the first two fingers on your right hand. Wash your hands thoroughly once this is done.

2. Light the green candle with one of the wooden matches. Place the candle on top of the two wooden boards, and imagine yourself as the luckiest person on earth. Visualize yourself as the person you wish to be.

3. Wait 15 minutes for the good luck spell to take effect, then move the candle to the side and lift the top board off of the dried clover. Pick up the clover and rub your hands together, crushing the clover into a powder.

4. Smother your face, arms and hands with the clover powder. Once again, visualize yourself as an extremely lucky person. Make no mistake about it there is real power in visualization.

5. Store the two boards in a safe place for 1 month. Thereafter, burn them to ashes. Continue to think positively and be optimistic.

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