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Good Luck Spell for Business

Success in business takes knowledge, skill, ambition and a certain amount of luck. Whether you are presently embarking on a new business venture, or busy chasing after a coveted promotion at your current job in order to climb that executive ladder, a good luck spell can help you attain your career goals.

Good Luck Spell for Business

Materials needed:

7 fresh basil leaves
1 red candle
1 green candle
2 dashes of ground cinnamon
An item made of copper (jewelry, a penny, a little piece of copper pipe, etc.)
A small pouch or baggie
A ribbon or elastic
Jasmine incense

Light some jasmine incense and allow the scent to permeate the room. Jasmine incense is most commonly used in a luck spell as it is known to bring prosperity and fortune. The spell is best performed in the evening. Relax in the ambience.

The next step is to light the green and red candles. The green candle symbolizes money and luck, while the red candle signifies passion, career goals and strength. Place them in front, at each side of you. Take your piece of copper and slowly wrap it in the seven basil leaves, overlapping one leaf over the other. Visualization is essential for this luck spell to work; therefore, mentally picture yourself attaining your professional desires. If you are hoping for a promotion at work, visualize your manager saying the words or perhaps what your new office will look like. Repeat your new title in your mind, like a mantra. If you are opening a new business of your very own, envisage your business plans coming to fruition. See your store in your mind's eye or imagine what your website or product will look like in its finished form. See yourself confidently conversing with clients and/or partners. Holding the item in your power hand (the hand you write with), hold it halfway between the candles and repeat the following verse:

My drive is strong, my talent bright.
My goals are clear on this good night.
Luck and success, please come to me.
My needs are pure, so mote it be.

Repeat the incantation three times and then put the basil-wrapped copper in the pouch or baggie. Next, sprinkle the cinnamon into the pouch and tie it with the ribbon or elastic. The luck spell is now complete. You must then place the pouch under your pillow and sleep on it for seven days. When the seven days are up, place the pouch in a location where you spend your time working; it could be in a drawer or on your desk at your current place of work, or somewhere in your home office. The location is important as the pouch’s presence will remind you everyday of your professional ambitions, and keep you focused on the goals you wish to achieve.


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