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Luck Spells: Good Luck Talisman

Good Luck Spell IngredientsLuck is a very mysterious and elusive thing. We always seem to envy those we deem lucky. Who is lucky? Someone who wins millions in the lottery? Someone who is happy, healthy, and surrounded by loving people? Someone who has a satisfying and successful career? Usually, having good luck translates into working hard and having a certain amount of knowledge and drive. However, consider this: Luck spells do not magically change your life overnight, but they do allow you the opportunity to cleanse your mind and explore your inner self so that you can begin to clearly see your personal obstacles, how to tackle them, and ultimately how to influence your own luck.

What you will need:

  • 1 candle (choose your favourite color as it will represent you)
  • 1 green candle
  • 1 black candle
  • A few drops of clove oil
  • A pen and piece of paper
  • 1 tiger’s eye gem
  • 1 small bowl of water
  • 1 small pouch or bag
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 sprig of dill
  • 1 small length of gold ribbon
How it works:
The ideal time to cast luck spells is during the Waxing moon and/or on a Tuesday. Ensure that you have ample time and space to conduct the spell; be relaxed and ready. Taking a bath with some laurel leaves beforehand will calm you, rejuvenate you and prepare you for the task ahead.

First, anoint all three candles with the clove oil. Set the candles in front of you and light the one that represents you first. Once it is burning brightly, light the green and black candles. Many associate black candles with black magic; but the black candle is used in certain luck spells to help banish the negative forces standing in your way of having good luck. Take the tiger’s eye gem and hold it in your power hand (the hand that you write with), and think about all the obstacles that you feel are holding you back. Do you feel like your career or job is unsatisfying? Do you wish for love or a more active social life? Concentrate on why you feel you have not achieved certain goals and what could possibly be done to improve your luck in that particular area of your life.

Next, take the pen and paper and write down suggestions that will help you overcome these obstacles. For example, “I will ask for a promotion at work or ask for more responsibility in order to display my strengths” or “I will join an organization/club/group so I can meet new people.”

Then, put the piece of paper in the bowl of water, and add the sprig of dill and the cinnamon stick. Let it stand for a few minutes while visualizing your suggestions flowing off the paper and infusing the water, cinnamon, and dill sprig with positive vibrations. Many luck spells include visualization and meditation; they add to the effect and give the spell more energy.

Now take the piece of paper, sprig of dill, and cinnamon stick, and lightly pat them dry. Insert the items, together with the tiger’s eye gem, into your pouch and tie with the gold ribbon. Carry this talisman with you in situations where you feel like you need that little bit of extra luck and positive energy.

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