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Sex Advice

No matter how many times you've heard, you're going to hear it again. If you're going to have sex, be safe! We've all heard that men will have sex anytime, anywhere and women will only have sex when they're in love. Well, this is somewhat true but sex is something that should bring two people closer together. Of course, there are those that say the only safe sex is no sex! But many people think they know everything there is to know and take foolish risks because "nothing can happen to me." That is why schools try to inform students through sex education classes. Do you remember where you got most of your information? Was it from school, parents, friends, TV, the internet, or books?

A study published in the Journal of School Health showed an overwhelming 98% of parents felt that they had communicated with their teens about certain issues, sex included. Contrarily, only 76% of teens said that these discussions actually took place.

If you are sexually active, there are some precautions you can take. Not every method is 100% guaranteed to work but you're risks are greater is you choose to do nothing at all. You can take birth control pills, you and partner can be (and should be) tested for any diseases, and most importantly, use a condom. If you are completely unprepared, the "morning-after" pill can be used as a last resort of sorts.

So when it comes to sex, try thinking with your brain upstairs and not your brain downstairs!

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