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Love Advice

Love or Obsession
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Love: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach...
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love is anything but easy! You're out of love and think you're never going to understand it. You're in love and still think you don't understand it. But it's one of those emotions human beings need, some more than others, to feel complete. But is it love or lust you're feeling?

You know that it's love when you can think of no one but that one person. It's love when you get that fuzzy feeling just being around them. It's love when you get butterflies just talking to the person over the phone. The real test for love is time. After all, lust fades while love lasts through the years. And just how does love last? I'm afraid there's no answer to that one but when you have it, keep it! You'll know when you have it and it'll be instinct that drives you the rest of the way. Look at it this way: love takes on many shapes. First, you're head over heels with the person, spending every waking moment together. Then, some years down the road, you're still in love but it's a bit different. You enjoy spending time together but you also enjoy spending your day doing your own thing, not being attached at the hip. You love each other in a different way. The love has changed from a bubbly, drunk feeling to a more concrete feeling of dependability and trust.

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