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Dating Ideas & Tips

Tired of the same 'ol' dinner and movie' routine? Wish you could make every date fun and original?

One major dating tip is that you need spice and spontaneity to maintain a good and healthy relationship. Whether you're going on your first date or your fiftieth, your dates should reflect who you are as a couple. Like romance? Then kick off your date with a dozen roses. Live for adventure? Then take your date sky diving.

All you need is a good list of dating ideas. Pick and choose from the following and make every date a memorable one.

Dating Ideas

          • Surprise your partner with an indoor picnic. Fill the picnic basket with their favorite finger foods and a bottle of wine, dim the lights, light the candles, and have yourselves a romantic evening on a blanket.
          • Pamper yourselves at a spa. Treat yourself and your date to a day of massages and mud baths. You can relax together while begin treated like royalty.
          • Enjoy the outdoors. If you love nature then go for a hike or try out camping. Trying something new and adventurous with your sweetie will certainly draw you closer together.
          • Go to the theater. Put a new, cultural spin on the regular movie and go see a play. It gives you an occasion to dress up and enjoy a sophisticated night out on the town.
          • Take a dinner cruise. Instead of alternating between your two favorite restaurants every weekend, share a romantic dinner on the water. You can stare at the stars as you enjoy a candlelit dinner with your loved one.
          • Have a board game night. Feel like staying in? Then have a night of wine and monopoly! Spending some private, one-on-one time with your date can be a great way to spend an evening-especially if you throw in some friendly competition and a reward for the winner.
          • Take a class together. Sign up for a pottery class, dancing lessons, or a sex lecture. Not only are you learning something new but you are also discovering common interests and strengthening your bond as a couple. Remember-the couple who learns together stays together.

Dating Tips

First dateSo, you have the great dating ideas but now you need the dating advice to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some tips to avoid turning your great dating idea into a disaster:
  1. Who pays? This is an age-old question that is in need of an answer. It's perfectly reasonable for the person who extended the invitation to pick up the tab. Once you start dating regularly, try alternating the roles. In this modern day and age, it's also completely acceptable to pay your own way once in a while. Just remember to keep it fair and make sure that your date doesn't have to dip into life savings in order to afford going out with you!
  2. Be yourself. If you're entering a relatively new relationship then it's important to show your true colors. This is reflected in your conversation and your choice of activity. Pick an activity that would make you both comfortable and that would allow your real selves to shine. Don't go to a loud concert; instead, take a late-night stroll and get to know each other better. A comfortable, relaxed atmosphere will encourage you to be yourself.
  3. Make interesting conversation. This tip is important for a first date. It may seem like a lot of pressure but the main rule to follow is to ask your date simple questions (not too personal) about himself or herself. Don't discuss marriage or previous relationships. It may put your mind at ease to think of some "getting to know you" questions before you go on the date.
  4. Have fun! Dates are meant to be fun - they're not supposed to make you feel like you're at a job interview. Choose activities that will interest both parties. If both of you really enjoy going to dinners and movies then go for it! If both of you crave spontaneity then go bungee jumping! Every couple is unique and will find excitement in different dating activities. Discuss with your partner what activities they would most like to do with you.

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