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Human Pheromones: The Main Attraction

Human Pheromons

Recent studies have indicated that organic chemicals called pheromones, which develop in humans as well as the animal kingdom, can heighten sexual awareness, enhance attractiveness, and boost the libido. Consequently, colognes and perfumes containing human pheromones are the latest trend in today’s social scene.

Scientifically Sensual
Human pheromones are mainly detected by way of smell and secreted from the body through skin pores, sweat glands and salivary glands. When the substance is discharged from the system, it magically goes to work, prompting sexual arousal and willingness, increasing hormone activity and fertility levels, and elevating emotion. Since the revelation of this powerful, yet all-natural aphrodisiac, several fragrance companies have started adding human pheromones to their products. Perfumes such as Human Euphoria have become popular and serve a dual purpose:

          • As a sexual magnet, they can appeal to the lovelorn market by offering an effective means of seducing a potential partner at a social event.
          • As a therapeutic tool, they can be used to resolve sexual dysfunction problems between couples or to help improve romantic activity in the bedroom.

Human Euphoria
Think of Human Euphoria as passion persuasion in a can. Just a few sprays of the fragrant, human pheromone-induced formula is all it takes to draw the attention of a love interest (small enough to carry in your pocket but big enough to get the desired results). The makers of Human Euphoria have designed their perfume to give the wearer the upper hand against the competition. Like other colognes or body sprays, it can be applied to the forearms, chest, neck region, and directly onto clothing, but most importantly, it should be worn in moderation (do not bathe in it!). And, it is not to be consumed. Human Euphoria consists of di-propylene glycol, selected oils, SD alcohol 40-B, fragrance, plus 100% pure human pheromones.

The Stimulating Effect
Some of the numerous benefits from applying sprays containing human pheromones include:

  • Lifted spirits (positive mood swing)
  • A charged-up sexual drive
  • A greater sense of relaxation and comfort, particularly at social events
  • Decreased anxiety level
  • A boost in confidence
  • Stronger, more productive working relationships
  • An improved sense of optimism, well-being and purpose

The Adverse Effect
In general, human pheromones are regarded as a safe ingredient for use in the fragrance industry and do not produce any known negative side effects. Nevertheless, they could be accountable for an undesirable outcome, like enticing shady, unappealing, or unsavory characters instead of the worthy kind. Therefore, attentiveness and precaution should be practiced when wearing such a magnetic scent.

The right amount, time and place
Pheromone-laced body perfumes essentially need but 1 or 2 short sprays to leave a lasting impression. For the optimal sexual experience, apply the fragrance to the erogenous areas of the body moments before engaging in a romantic rendezvous, or a few hours in advance to rouse the stimulus of foreplay leading to sexual activity. In some odd cases, the subsequent effects are so minimal that an extra dose sprayed on the skin is required to intensify potency.
The enchantment that draws one person to another is known to be largely fuelled by the power of human pheromones. Hence, pheromone-induced products can provide a simple, effective solution in maintaining positivity, a confident swagger, and getting someone of the opposite sex to sit up and take notice.


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