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Spell Casting

So you want to cast a spell? Well, you're definitely in the right place. But spell casting isn't just hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo. People swear by using spells and most of the time, the spell is for love. After all, doesn't everybody want to be loved? But we have to be careful, especially with love spells, about affecting people's free wills. Think about it, you cast a spell on someone you have a crush on and then they return this "love", is it honest and genuine or is it simply fabricated? Will this newfound love he/she has for you turn into the real thing once they spend time with you?

Casting a spellWhether you're new to this or an old pro, I thought I'd give you some tips on casting spells. As ridiculous as this may sound, understand the words you're using. Don't just read the title of a spell and conclude that it's the right one for you. You have to understand the words and if you don't, simply change them. Think of a spell like a recipe; you can add things, take things away, and modify it. Having said that, make sure you're doing or performing the spell for the right reasons.

But what are the right reasons? You're boyfriend cheated on you so now you want his hair to fall out? Or maybe you just want to get lucky and fulfill every man's fantasy of a threesome? Whatever the case may be, think it through first. You may not feel the same anger towards your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend as you did yesterday and maybe instead of casting a spell on the new kid in school, maybe you'll just try talking to him!

Remember, you have to be cautious when using spells. Some are very powerful and will be out of your control once they are done. It's important to do them for the right reasons, understand what you're doing/saying, and think about it before you take any actions. You may want to research the differences between black and white magic to help you determine what you are trying to accomplish with your spell.

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