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A Love Spell to Bewitch his Thoughts

This magical love spell is best executed on a Friday evening of a new moon. In preparation, take a cleansing bath, dress in your most attractive outfit and wear your most alluring scent. This spell can become truly potent if you feel that you are at your most beautiful self. You may want to engage in light yoga or deep breathing exercises beforehand to cleanse your mind and get yourself intensely focussed on your goal.


• 1 lavender candle (or an unscented candle and some lavender essential oil to anoint it)
• 1 metre of red ribbon
• 1 stick of vanilla incense

Incense Light the candle, anointing it with the lavender oil beforehand if necessary, and set it on the altar or table. Light the stick of incense and let the aroma permeate the room. Close your eyes and visualize the one you desire, including every tiny detail. Imagine your lover’s appearance, clothing, scent, the sound of his voice, the way he wears his hair, and so on. A love spell should never be rushed, so take your time when envisioning his image. Try to remember every beauty mark, scar and aspect of his face and body.

When his whole form is firmly planted in your mind, coil the red ribbon around your right index finger and place it on your third eye (the spot on your forehead between your eyes) for five counts, and then on your heart for five counts. While keeping a vivid image of your lover in your mind, exhale as you place your index finger on your forehead and inhale as you place it on your heart. With each exhalation, focus on branding the ribbon with your lover’s likeness. Repeat this breathing process seven times.

As you begin to uncoil the ribbon from your finger, repeat the following words:

Your image is burned within my mind,
Every detail has its place,
I ask you now to think of me,
My body, my soul, my face.

The love spell is now complete. Take your red ribbon, cut it into sections, and place one piece in each and every area you spend time in, such as your workplace, your car, your bathroom, kitchen, den, and of course, under your pillow!

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