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An Easy Love Spell to Fan the Flames of Romance

You are dating a person with whom you feel strongly connected. Your heart is beginning to say it is a serious relationship but you hesitate, you doubt yourself. Although you are feeling a strong, sudden urge to turn up the heat romantically between the two of you, you are not only unsure of just how to proceed but also afraid you might frighten off your partner. Perhaps the time has come to call on a higher power - an easy love spell - to help create reciprocal feelings and spark a strong mutual love connection.

Easy love spellEasy love spells have become popular in joining willing individuals together. They are deemed to work, but only when the heart and mind’s intentions are sincere and compassionate. The spell caster must observe each step carefully, with an undisturbed concentration and a strong determination that will influence the magic to work.

The prime objective of this easy love spell is to encourage your partner to open his or her eyes to the passionate relationship you are offering them.  The spell works quickly, takes very little time to perform, and can be executed during any moon phase.

Materials required in casting the spell:

  • 3 regular candles; two white and one red
  • 3 standard candle holders
  • a lighter or matches
  • 3 small pieces of paper (Post-It Notes work great)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a black marker
  • an empty metal bucket

The process:
Place the 3 candles in the 3 holders, and position them in a row on an even surface with the red candle in the middle. Using the marker, write down your full name on one piece of paper and the full name of your loving companion on another. Now put one name beneath each white candle holder. On the last piece of paper, write down both names and encircle them. This one is to be placed under the centered red candle.  Light the white candle atop of your name and speak the following chant aloud:

“Candle by spirits ignite,
Burn as true as you are bright,
By heart and hand of (insert your name)”

Next, light the white candle atop your partner’s name, and speak these words aloud:

“Candle by spirits ignite,
Burn as true as you are bright,
By heart and hand of (insert partner’s name)

Place your right hand at the base of one lit white candle and your left at the base of the other lit white candle, so that they touch both the holder and the paper underneath it. Close your eyes and say the following lines:

“As these two new hearts collide
That they now become enriched
With wells of passion overflowing
Let life be our path and love, our bridge”

Now carefully take the two white candles out of their holders and join their flames together to ignite the red candle. Blow out the white candles and set them aside; the magic has been transmitted to the red candle. Place your two hands at the base of it, touching both holder and paper on which both names are circled. Close your eyes once again and present a powerful image to your mind; you and your partner in love, laughing and living in bliss, sharing passionate moments and moving forward together in life. After a few minutes, remove the paper and burn it using the candle’s flame, while lowering it into the metal bucket to extinguish it. Finally, safely dispose of all items including the ashes. The easy love spell is complete and that next level with your lover is now within reach


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