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Two Easy Love Spells: Exercising your Power to Persuade through Relaxation

Not all magic spells meant to draw love into one’s life require the research and gather of exotic oils, rare spices, and fancy potions. In fact, easy love spells can be performed through mere relaxation and meditation. They purge the body and spirit of toxic, negative energies that usually break down a person’s self-esteem and then infuse the being with positive vibes instead.

Easy love spellEasy love spells are intended to help us register the true value of our contribution to a passionate, loving relationship. Consequently, performing such “peace-inducing” spells on a regular basis can instigate an empowering force within that will be reflected by the laws of attraction in social situations.  People will see you in a new and desirable light. Here are some ideas to set the kind of mood that can melt away the stress while firing up the senses.

The Body and Soul Cleansing Technique
Run a nice warm bath. Feel free to add some scented sea salt crystals or your favourite bath oil. Some extra ambience enhancers will set the mood, e.g. votive candles can be lit and soft music can be played. The music should be calming and soothing, taking you to a special, comforting place where the mind can unwind. Indulge in your favourite drink to further boost the experience. This is your time to amass love energy and create positive feelings that will have a compounding effect and transcend into your daily life.

As you rest your head on a bath pillow, let your thoughts wander while the warm water envelops you; then begin to concentrate on your “self”. Get a sense of your sensuality; get in touch with your desires, fantasies and dreams of love. Remain in this state of relaxation for at least 15 minutes. This subdued easy love spell is effective and works on many levels in reinvigorating both body and soul.

Mind Massage Therapy
Many of us cannot find time to set up a full production for therapeutic love fortification. Easy love spells are made easier by using basic meditation practices to obtain positive results similar to those mentioned above. The key is finding a peaceful sanctuary, free of noise and distractions, the ideal spot being where a special connection is felt. For some it may be in a bedroom or den while others may choose a bench in a floral garden or under a tree.

This simple form of meditation requires you to recite a brief chant or mantra in your head (typically with eyes closed) to reinforce your wish and purpose. Before speaking it, think of love and begin to view it as something tangible, capable of being shaped into what you long for most in life. One such mantra might be as follows:

“I renew myself as of this day
For love doth shine its light my way,
Reveal the one who’s heart is pure
Unite us, bodies and minds assured”

Repeat the passage 6 times, allowing for a short pause in between. Be sure to take in slow, deep breaths during the process in order to promote relaxation. As you meditate on love, believe in it and become it. It’s mind over matter in its most bewitching of moments!

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