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Easy Rose Quartz Love Spell

This easy spell is highly effective in areas of love because it employs rose quartz, a stone known to increase love and allow it to flow harmoniously. It is especially helpful if you have been closed off to love due to a previously broken heart. Often such emotional scars prevent new romance from blossoming in the life of someone who has been greatly disappointed in their romantic relationships.

Rose Quartz and CrystalSpell Logistics
This easy spell should be worked on a Thursday night and upon first waking up on Friday morning, a day known to be energized for love magick work. Doing this work during a full moon is preferable, but any moon phase, except for the waning moon, will work fine for this easy spell.

Items Needed:

Piece of Rose Quartz
Small cloth of red silk
Piece of red string
Red or pink candle
Ylang Ylang incense

On a Thursday night before going to sleep, you must write a list of your dream lover’s characteristics. Really visualize this person‘s physical appearance as well as all the attributes he or she would bring into a relationship. Light the red or pink candle and then read your list of qualities out loud three times while holding your rose quartz stone. Place the stone under your pillow and the candle in a place where it will be safe to burn throughout the night, such as a sink, as long as it will be undisturbed by curious people or animals.

It is possible that you will dream of your lover during the night. If you do, upon waking up on Friday, write the details of your dream immediately. If you do not remember any dreams, do not worry as it does not mean your spell will not work; it just means your vision was not clear. Now take out the rose quartz from under your pillow and hold it to your heart chakra. This process should not be rushed, so make sure that you allow yourself the sufficient time and space you need to remain calm and focused. While holding your stone to your heart, feel the passion and yearning you have for your dream lover (allow it to become as real as possible). Visualize your dream lover and, if you can, incorporate parts of your dream into the vision.

When you are overcome with desire for your dream lover, light the Ylang Ylang incense and let it flow over your body. Kiss the stone, place it in the red silk cloth, and tie it up with the red string, winding it around the cloth seven times and making a loop so as to be able to wear the pouch around your neck. Run the pouch through the Ylang Ylang incense smoke to fully charge it with the energy and love from your easy spell.

If you are unable to find Ylang Ylang incense, or prefer not to use incense, you can replace it with the essential oil of Ylang Ylang. Due to the very strong scent of essential oil, it is best to use merely a small amount in order not to overwhelm your senses.

It is important that you wear your rose quartz pouch on your body for the next seven days, and each morning you must repeat the initial Friday process. Rest assured that this charm will serve to draw your dream lover to you.

Read more to understand the attributes of crystals and stones.

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