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Easy Spell to Love Yourself

So often we look to outside sources to help us feel loved only to find that we remain unfulfilled, dissatisfied, lacking in self-worth. It is said that we must start by loving yourself first. This easy spell can help you to grow your own self love. By loving yourself, you make it easier for others to love you, and for you to love others in return.

Love Spell Process
This easy spell requires you to create a love powder. There are many different herbs to choose from, but you should select those you enjoy and whose scent makes you feel good. You will want to use at least three different kinds, but no more than six so as not to overwhelm your senses. The herbs are to be ground by hand (a mortar and pestle works best) and during this process you should be sending wonderful, loving messages to yourself. Think of things you have done or achieved that make you feel proud. Think of personal traits you own that are admirable.

Here is a list of herbs that work to develop stronger self-love:

            • Basil
            • Bergamot
            • Cinnamon
            • Cloves
            • Cypress
            • Ginger
            • Jasmine
            • Lavender
            • Peppermint
            • Rose
            • Vanilla
            • Ylang Ylang

Herbs for Easy SpellsWhen your herbs have been ground into powder, add a starch to the mixture, such as cornstarch, rice powder, or arrowroot powder. Mix the herbs and the starch together until you have a soft even blend. Let the love powder sit overnight in the moonlight; this will not only fully blend the energies of the herbs together, but will also add the power of the moon. The next step for this easy spell is to sift the mixture in order to obtain the finest powder possible. Pick a pretty container, one that appeals to you, and store your love powder in it.

Before going any further, test the powder on your skin for any reaction (for instance, some people find that cinnamon and cloves can irritate their skin). Once you are sure that the love powder is safe for your use, apply it every morning on your body, while chanting these words out loud:

I am beauty
I am love
I am a spark of the star shine above
I am divine
I am love
I am a spark of the moon from above
By the power of three times three
Blessed be!

The love powder that you have created can also be used around your home, car, office, and anywhere that you might need an extra boost of self love.

When this easy spell starts to work its magick, you should notice an increase in your confidence and self-respect. This new feeling often leads to a romantic relationship as one becomes more loving and more open to accepting love from others. If you do find someone that you want to develop a romantic relationship with, your love powder will be effective in luring them towards you.

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