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Easy Spell for Turning Friendship into Love

Often the best way to find love is to examine our close friendships. So often, feelings of love can grow between two people who started out as friends. If there is a friendship that you would like to develop into a romantic love relationship, then this easy spell is for you.

Love Oil - Easy SpellEasy Spell Logistics
There are many ways to determine which date this easy spell would best suit you for turning platonic love into romantic love. Although the best times for doing love magick is typically on a Friday and on or near the full moon because it adds extra power to your spell work, you can opt to select a date that is special to your relationship. Perhaps on the anniversary of your first meeting, or a memorable event spent together. Using a date that holds importance to your relationship is a powerful way to initiate this easy spell.

Spell Supplies

• A lover’s candle
This type of candle is sculpted in the form of two people intertwined; they can be found in most candle shops or online. It is important that you pick a candle that matches the two genders involved. For example; if you are looking for a same-sex love relationship, you will need a lover’s candle that depicts a same-sex couple.

• Love oil
For this easy spell, you will need a special love oil. There are many kinds on the market, but creating your personal blend with the use of your own hands and energy will enhance the spell’s effectiveness. Pick out aromas that you and your friend both enjoy; a special scent that holds significant meaning for the two of you makes it even better. Keep in mind that most essential oils are highly concentrated, so you might want to dilute your oils in water to keep the scent more manageable.

• Personal items
A small personal item belonging to your friend such as a piece of clothing or jewelry, or a lock of hair, will help focus the energy and the magick on the desired outcome. You will also need a smaller personal item belonging to you. These must be disposable as you will not be able to use them again.

Spell Working
Once you have chosen a special date for this easy spell, and have obtained the necessary supplies, you are ready to make the magick.

Take the lover’s candle and pin the personal item to the wax person that represents your beloved. Then do the same with your own personal item, pinning it to the wax person that represents you. Write your name on your beloved’s wax body and write their name on yours.

Anoint the candle with the love oil that you created; it is important to use your hands for this process. As you rub the oil into the candle, focus on putting your energy for romantic love into the candle as well. Once it is anointed to your satisfaction, light it in a safe place, where it can burn until it is completely out. The only thing left to do is to take the remaining ashes of your magick and bury them outdoors in a secluded and quiet place.

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