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Spell to Break a Curse

We have all had days when we feel cursed, and times when we sense others mean to do us harm. Although our antagonists may be merely emitting negative vibes in our direction, it may also be that they are using magic to curse us. A spell to break a curse can be accomplished in order to eliminate the negative energy that is being sent your way.

Spell to Break a Curse: Candle and AthameRemember that what you put out into the world comes back to you; so a spell to break a curse may not be necessary because the normal flow of the universe usually takes care of it. However, if you feel you have had enough and need to break the curse without waiting for it to run its course, here are two ways to get rid of the negative energy.

Curse Breaking: Cutting Away
The simplest way to remove those negative energies is by cutting the curse from your enteric body. Cast a circle to create a sacred space, in whatever manner suits you best. Light some candles in order to feel fully protected before starting the spell to break a curse.

Take your athame, or magical knife, and cut around the edge of your aura, removing all energy that does not feel right, paying close attention to spots that are particularly resistant, black, or unfriendly. Each time you cut away a piece of negative energy, say these words:

“I release you back to where you came.
Your energy is no longer welcome here.”

When you are finished with this spell to break a curse, make sure to wash your knife under running water and take a long, cleansing shower.

Curse Breaking: Mirror Reflection
If you believe a curse has been placed on you, another way to get rid of it is to send it back from whence it came by using mirrors that will reflect the energy of the curse back to its origin. It is helpful to know the source of the curse, but it is not necessary.

A spell to break a curse is best done when the moon is waning. For this spell, you will need a glass jar and several broken mirror pieces.

Cast a circle and create sacred space in whatever manner suits you. Inside your circle, open the jar and fill it with the mirror pieces while saying these words:

“By the power of the waning moon I break this curse
By the power of three times three I break this curse
I return this energy back to its sender I break this curse!”

Repeat this phrase as many times as it feels right in your working. If you know who cursed you, place a picture of this person, or a personal object of theirs, into the jar and seal it as tightly as possible.

For this spell to break a curse, you need to get rid of the candles that were used during the ritual. Either burn them all the way to the end, or bury them. Take the jar to a remote area and bury it. Once the task is done, spit on the burial site, then walk away and do not look back.


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