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Find True Love with a Soul Mate Spell

Everyone wants to fall in love, but more than that, everyone wants to find their true soul mate. But, before doing a soul mate spell, you should first check your motives. Are you looking for love because you are ready for a meaningful relationship, or are you looking for someone to complete you? If your purpose leans toward a need to feel complete, then a self love spell should be performed prior to the soul mate spell. Self-love must exist in order to be able to offer love to another.

Self Love Spell
This easy love spell should begin on the evening of the New Moon and be performed every night until the Full Moon. For this working, you will need a red 7-day candle, a mirror, and roses (or your favorite flower).

On the night of the New Moon, put the flowers in a vase in front of the mirror. Light the candle and take a long look at your image in the mirror, transferring all the love that you have for yourself to your reflection. This might be hard at first, but stay with it, and repeat the following sentence many times, until you feel overcome with love:

"I would love myself in all of my parts"

Snuff the candle and perform the same ritual every night until the Full Moon.

Now that you have a good sense of self love, and feel ready to reach out to draw your soul mate closer, then it is time to initiate the soul mate spell.

Soul mate spell: Heart of fireSoul Mate Spell
An important principle of the soul mate spell is that you must not work the spell with one specific person in mind, the reason being that you cannot know for sure who your true soul mate really is.

A soul mate spell takes much longer than the typical one night ritual of other spells because it demands more than the mere magic involved for a regular love affair; it takes powerful and on-going concentration to make it work.

To be most effective, this easy love spell should be initiated on the first full moon that falls on a Friday, and then repeated every Friday, for one year. Friday is Freya’s day, the Goddess of love.

Here are the two items you will need:

  • A new red candle for each week of the spell, which must be anointed with Ylang-ylang oil, prior to the beginning of your spell work.
  • A silver or gold charm that is a symbol of love for you, which must be worn on your body constantly, for the entire year.

Proceed by lighting the red candle and invoking the Friday full moon to cast a protective circle around your spell working by reciting the following chant:

“Freya I call upon thee
Bring my soul mate to me
By the powers of three time three
As I will it, so mote it be!”

Run your charm through the candle’s flame and put it around your neck. Let the candle burn itself out (any leftover wax should be buried the next day). After the passing of one year, and in some cases even sooner, this easy love spell will help you to make the soul mate connection.


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