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Equinox Beauty Spell

So often we feel less than pretty because of societal influences as we are inundated with images of what our culture expects us to look like. It does not have to be that way. Self love is more important than love from others based on our outer beauty. Loving who we are and how we look reflects in our exterior appearance. Despite the fact that such an attitude does not come by easily, the good news is that a little magic beauty spell can help change not only what others see, but also how you view yourself.

Easy Love Spell: Promoting Self Love
Beauty Spell: Full MoonPerforming spells for beauty starts with performing spells that address your inner-self. By strengthening the inner-self, you will notice positive changes rising to the surface and transforming your outer beauty.

Much of the magic and spell work connected to beauty is also connected to the moon. There are also some auspicious times of the year associated with beauty, like the beginning of spring. Those specific periods should be used to your advantage if you are planning to perform a beauty spell.

How to Perform the Equinox Beauty Spell

This beauty spell should be executed on the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. If the full moon happens to fall within two days of the equinox, it will provide you with an even more powerful kind of magic.

At the sun’s first light, on the morning after the full moon following the Spring Equinox, step outside unto the grass and collect as much dew as possible in a small container that embodies sentimental value. Should it be raining, collect the rain water while letting it saturate your head and face. The dew and rain from the Spring Equinox is believed to bestow qualities of physical beauty.

That very evening, take the water you have collected and place yourself where you can feel the light of the full moon shine down on you. You will need a mirror and a lit candle in your favorite color to perform the beauty spell.

Hold the water you have collected up to the full moon and say these words:

“Beauty of the full moon
Beauty of the spring
Bless me with a beautiful boon
To take on the beauty of the spring.”

Draw the moon’s power into the water – gather its essence within the container. When you can sense the water’s newly- absorbed energy, apply the water on your face, hair and any other part of your body you would like to beautify. Feel Spring’s energy and the moon’s power sink into your skin.

When you feel transformed, pick up the mirror, look at yourself and recognize your beauty. See how your skin glows with the energy of the water. Take the time to understand the entwinement of your inner and outer beauty while you allow yourself to reflect on the miracle of your existence. Pour any remaining water over your head or put it into a vial and wear it close to your heart. Offer a heartfelt blessing to all that surrounds you. Your beauty spell will be complete.

This easy love spell promotes the type of self-confidence and self-love that will give you back your power and allow you to embrace your inner and outer beauty like never before.

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