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The Practice of Crystal Magick

Using crystal magick is a common way of casting spells or performing mystical rituals. Crystals are deemed to draw from the strong energy of the Earth to meet the purposes at hand. During spells and rituals, they are either placed on an altar or held in your hands. Many believers find them ideal as charms as they can easily be tucked into a purse or pocket.

Crystal MagickAlthough tumbled smooth stones, also associated with the Earth element, are often used for various magick intentions, a natural raw crystal is a better choice, if you have the option. Some people collect and use several stones together to perform crystal magick in order to increase and fine-tune the energy that they need for their intention.

Whether you select crystals or stones for your magick work, large pieces are more powerful than tiny chips; however, in the case of a dream pillow to sleep on, small pieces are better suited and more comfortable than big ones.

The Attributes of Crystals and Stones
The first helpful step in using crystal magick is to understand the various attributes associated with each type of crystal or stone. Below is an alphabetical list of the most popular ones.

  • Amethyst is a very popular Air crystal that comes in varying shades of purple. It can be used to induce particular dreams and astral magic, as well as an aid in meditation. It is also known to relieve anxiety and stress.
  • Aventurine is a stone that helps with decision making and enhances natural creativity. It is also very powerful for contacting and communicating with spirit guides, if you are doing any astral projection work.
  • Bloodstone is connected to Fire energy, promoting courage, strength and determination. It is an opaque stone that is a deep green with red flecks.
  • Citrine consists of pale yellow crystals that can be used in performing various healing spells. They are also ideal for any ritual work that involves starting something new in your life, ensuring success and good luck.
  • Fluorite is perhaps lesser known than some other crystals, but otherwise very powerful for cleansing and establishing balance and peace. It can also bring about creative enlightenment and is effectual for work in fairy magick.
  • Jade is a Water stone that adds a peaceful overtone to any magickal work. Spells involving prosperity and long life would benefit from this stone’s serene and harmonious qualities.
  • Lapis Lazuli is a mottled blue stone that has long been used to aid those with psychic gifts, and is typically sought in all Water-associated tasks. General peace of mind and calmness are two benefits derived from Lapis.
  • Malachite is a striped stone of various shades of deep green, and opaque rather than translucent. It is ideal for all kinds of money magick and employment spells, and for any ritual involving financial abundance.
  • Moonstone is milky white, with slight rainbow iridescences within it, similar in color to an opal. Like Lapis Lazuli, moonstone is a fine tool to use in many kinds of psychic work, especially those involving the Moon.
  • Quartz is an Air stone that can work in nearly any kind of spell work as it basically focuses on energy. It makes a good stand-by stone for those times when you do not have the exactly appropriate crystal at hand.
  • Red Jasper is a very potent stone that has traditionally been used in charms to protect against nightmares. It also inspires passion when upcoming endeavors require extra energy.
  • Tiger Eye gets its name from the deep brown stripes across its surface. It possesses a strong balancing energy, making it powerful in starting partnerships, resolving disputes, and helping during the process of mediation.
  • Turquoise is a stone associated with the protection of the physical body and mind, and deemed sacred in Native American folklore. It adds great energy to any type of divination reading as well.

This is but a short list of potential stones and crystals that can be used for crystal magick. There are dozens more documented as possessing magickal powers, so you are not limited in your choice of the perfect mystical tool to meet your needs.


Article by Terri Lewis:
Terri Lewis is a relationship advisor specializing in alternate therapy and is an authority on wicca and pagan culture and tradition. Terri provides content for the website Free Love Spells and Information.

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