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Calling Way Spell

The best way to practice Red, or sex magic is to use the power that is contained within your physical body. This is the power of raw, primordial desire. Become aware of this part of you, listen to it, cultivate it and you'll be able to manipulate it sooner or later. Listen to your body and its wisdom that is thousands of years old: the wisdom of your intuition.

CandleWomen are usually slightly more successful in real magic compared to men because they have that natural ability to listen and are typically more intuitive. But any man can develop the same quality, a feminine quality, and it will help you to understand women and be a better lover at the same time. So, real Love magic secret: use your body. On the biochemical level, love spells help you to boost your pheromones, the chemicals without smell or taste, that attract the opposite sex. The following spell is a Full Love Spell and can take some time to prepare and cast. This spell has had positive results reported by many people. Thanks to D.J. Conway for writing it.

Ingredients needed:

          • Green or pink cloth
          • Some love incense
          • Rose petals, elder flowers, yarrow, ginger, & thyme
          • 3 drops of human pheromone
          • Rose oil
          • A moonstone, a lodestone, a white stone
          • Some green stones
          • 3 pink candles and 1 magenta candle
          • A picture or statue of a cat or dove
          • Cauldron
          • Ritual knife
Collect all the components needed, this alone can be an adventure!


Place your altar facing West. Cover it with a green or pink cloth. Light the love incense. Sprinkle your altar with rose petals and elder flowers. Place a lighted pink candle at each end of the altar, and a picture or statue of a cat or dove in the rear center beside a lighted magenta candle. Set the cauldron in the center with an unlit pink candle inside it. Sprinkle equal parts of rose petals, yarrow, and thyme around the cauldron. Place your green stones along white one, the moonstone, and the lodestone in the circle of herbs. Now draw an invisible circle with your wand or power finger around your altar and working area.

With your ritual knife, carve your desires into the cauldron candle. Anoint it with rose oil. "Feed" this candle your desires with your hands. Light it and say:

Candle of power, candle of might,
Create my desires here on this night.
Power stream from this candle's fire.
Bring to me my heart's desire.
My words have strength, the victory is won.
So I say. This spell is done.

Put a pinch of ginger on the altar for the Water Elementals, saying:

Children of Water, small ones of Light,
Join with my spelling here on this night.
Decreed by the Mother (or the name of your favorite love deity),
Felt in my heart.
Bring us together, never to part.

Raise your arms and open your heart to the deity. Explain to her your need for a true love.

To end the ritual, say:

Blessings to all who come to my aid.
Between friends is this bargain made.

Snuff out the two end candles, leaving the magenta and cauldron candle to burn out. Delay clearing the altar until the candles have burnt out completely. Sprinkled the circled herbs onto the ground as an offering to the Nature Spirits, or put them in a small cloth bag to carry with you. Give them to the Elementals during the next Full Moon.

More information on spells is available at the FAQ.

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