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Advanced Spell:  A Puzzle to find your Soulmate

Designed to challenge an intended lover, this advanced love spell can help you decipher whether or not a certain person is "the one" you are meant to partner with through life – to be more specific, your soulmate. The process of casting this spell requires some time, concentration and commitment on your part. However, the possible outcome is rewarding enough to compensate

Required Material:

  • 8"x11" printed photo of your potential lover-to-be
  • 8"x11" sheet of cardstock paper or cardboard
  • one blue candle (to promote knowledge and truth)
  • one green candle (to symbolize a new beginning, rich in good fortune)
  • bottle of honeysuckle essential oil
  • white glue
  • scissors
  • matches or a lighter
  • roll of adhesive tape


Before you can begin executing this advanced love spell, you must first glue the printed photo to the cardstock/cardboard and let it dry completely. Thereafter, using the scissors, cut the picture into 8 segments (the size and shape of each piece is unimportant).

Place the 2 candles side-by-side on a flat surface and light them. Standing in front of this "altar", present the cut-up photo pieces by holding them out in your hands as an offering and say the following words:

"Oh, Spirits be risen
And bring forth your wisdom
Through this paper, ink and glue
Advise if my lover should be true"

Set the pieces aside except one, which you will place in front of the candles, but before you let go of it, speak the following question aloud: "Would this lover of mine, be a friend for all time?"

Now take another piece of the "puzzle" and match it correctly to the first, joining them with the adhesive tape. With your fingers still on the developing image, ask this next question:
"Would this lover I've shown, devote to me and me alone?"

Take a third piece, match it up, tape it down, hold it a moment and ask this:
"Would this lover displayed, be honest always?"

Repeat the procedure with the fourth piece, this time asking:
"Would this lover from start, give with a caring heart?"

As the fifth piece starts to shape the picture, inquire this of the spirits:
"Would this lover have passion, undying and not fashioned?"

For the sixth installment of the puzzle piece, ask this:
"Would this lover set stone, and help build a happy home?"

With the second-to-last piece in place, ask the following question:
"Would this lover grow closer, as we two grow older?"

At last, set your eighth and last piece to complete the advanced love spell puzzle, and ask:
"Would this lover be real, in sight sound and feel?"

Immediately afterwards, draw a bathtub half full with lukewarm water and add approximately 10 drops of the honeysuckle oil, using your hand to mix the solution. Let 3 or 4 drops of hot wax from each candle fall into the water as well.

Take your completed puzzle in both hands and kneel before the bath. Carefully rest the taped picture facing upwards on the surface of the water. If it remains afloat, your intended lover is the real thing; if it sinks, it was never meant to be.

This advanced love spell is best performed on a Monday or Thursday, when the energies of meditation are at their zenith in the spiritual world.

Good luck!

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