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Monopoly Advanced Love Spell - Establishing Monogamy in your Partnership

Although you enjoy engaging in sexual intercourse regularly, your partner may have a particularly voracious appetite that you are finding hard to satisfy. Once thought to be eccentric and even amusing, this sexual hunger has perhaps become a growing concern, an anxiety that might eventually destabilize the relationship through disagreements, distancing and infidelity.

The following advanced love spell takes on an ethereal approach to fixing such a problem. By channeling willpower-laced energies toward your beloved, you can help ensure his or her sexual cravings are kept in check and well within the confines of your bedroom alone.

This ritual takes a total of 40 days to complete. For optimal results, it should be performed at night and during a waxing moon phase.

The Necessary Materials:

  • a Monopoly game (fold-out playing board only)
  • a green pillar-style candle for channeling vibes of fidelity
  • a lighter or matches
  • a bottle of Abramelin oil
  • a package of cinnamon powder
  • a small, cherished item given to you by your lover (e.g. ring, bracelet, earring)
  • a small personal item (similar to the above) that you have bought for yourself

The Gameplay:

Begin the Monopoly advanced love spell by placing the game board on a flat surface in an area of the room where it can remain undisturbed for several weeks. Set the candle directly in the middle of the board and light it. Stare into the flame and voice your wishes for balance and harmony in your sex life. Next, place your treasured, partner-acquired item on the square marked "GO" and your chosen personal item on the square marked "CHANCE". Cast a circle around the latter using the cinnamon powder while speaking aloud the following words:

Place the 2 candles side-by-side on a flat surface and light them. Standing in front of this "altar", present the cut-up photo pieces by holding them out in your hands as an offering and say the following words:

"Devine spirits, relieve my throes,
As 'round the board, my lover goes"

Now put a single drop of Abramelin oil on the first block (to the left, in the direction of the arrow) and move your partner's item up one space to rest on the oil. Now speak these words:

"Use one, move one, win one, lose one,
Lover, believe in, always break even."

Snuff out the candle and resume your routine. The following evening (day #2), at about the same time, re-light the candle, apply a drop of Abramelin oil to the next block on the board, move your "player" piece up another space and repeat the four-line passage. Again, extinguish the candle. You will need to repeat this process until the 40th day, at which time you should have reached the last block in the game, also known as the "BOARDWALK". Now immediately move your partner's piece to join your personal piece in the "CHANCE" box. Finally, speak these words:

"Game played, set and matched
So shall it be for now and for ever"

Leave the game board as is, with its playing pieces still in their final positions, for another week or two in order to maximize the spell's potency.

The Monopoly advanced love spell is meant to be a metaphor for your partner's travels through life at times when you are separate from one another. Casting it should help curb your lover's excessive "sexual urges" and ultimately keep your partnership monogamous.

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